Easy to assemble bucket heater kit.
You obtain the conduit pipe (1.25” EMT conduit pipe) and we furnish the rest..
The conduit pipe protects the cord from chewing and protects the bucket from tipping..
The heater fastens to the bottom of the pipe.
This heater is equipped with a heavy duty 12-ft electric cord that extends through the pipe at the top.

A quick release bracket allows conduit to lift up out of the bucket for cleaning.

This heater will work in all types of buckets.

It heats water up to a five gallon capacity.


This is my personal favorite!

I have used this model for over 17 years and it is still performing well in my kennel.

This unit has a heavy duty stainless steel bracket that holds the heater to the bucket.

It also has a security chain that secures the heater to the chain link fence.